Crytek at GDC2016: CryENGINE 5 announced, with support for DX12 and VR

The news from GDC 2016 keep coming, as Crytek announced its new CryENGINE 5 (yes, it skipped version 4 entirely), with a many new features and great looks as always.

 The engine sports an impressive arsenal of features, such as support for DirectX 12, full support for VR and boasts a reworked low overhead renderer which is supposed to increase the performance of today’s hardware in various graphically intensive applications. Crytek also decided to make the latest version of the engine available with a “pay what you want” model for developers – according to the Creative Director of Crytek, Frank Vitz, developers will “contribute what they can”. VR is also a great focus for the company, with their first VR Lab opened in Istanbul in January, with seven more going in North America.

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