Our Mission

RadeonWorld began its life in early 2016, although I have been toying with the idea of creating a Radeon-centric website for quite a while. The reason for that is quite simple; although there is a wealth of information and news about AMD graphics cards on the Internet, some things are still a mystery for many users. Today’s cards come with a multitude of features and nifty toys; and most of them are left unused. When you read various reviews, they will test the common settings between different brands of cards, avoiding Radeon-specific features like the plague.

We don’t have that problem. Did you ever want to see how the various anti-aliasing methods your card supports affect gameplay? Ever wondered how to use your card in order to encode videos? We are here to answer those questions. Plus, you will have your dosage of editorials, articles and graphics card reviews, offering our honest opinion about them. Make no mistake; RadeonWorld intends to be a Radeon fan site and NOT a fanboy site. We will call them as we see them, no matter what.

For now, the site is still in an early alpha state, so content will be constantly uploaded, website stuff will be changed, features will be added and/or tweaked, some links will even be broken, so we hope we’ll have your understanding. You can even head over to our forums in the Feedback section and offer advice, propose changes and things we can add or fix. But our goal is that, as time progresses, you will be able to browse the various articles/reviews and how-tos we create, maybe post in our forums and enjoy the ride. One thing’s for certain; we are here to stay, and hopefully so will you.

Pete “Kombatant” Vagiakos
RadeonWorld Administrator/Founder

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